About Us

Knowledgeable Training Expertise


 Our nationally certified trainers have  the experience and the qualifications necessary to work with a diverse population.  We take an evidence-based approach to every workout we create, and customize it to meet the unique needs and goals of each client.  Our  passion is to educate, motivate and inspire our clients to honor their bodies through means that are sustainable, safe and effective.  


A Journey of Hope


We realize that the beauty of a transformed mind, body and spirit is always a work in progress and that none of us have arrived.  Regardless of our culture, race, religious beliefs or class, most of us have a deep desire to be the very best version of ourselves so that we can make a positive impact in our world, our communities, our families and ourselves,  We also understand  that  there is a constant struggle  to maintain this balance...the progress we seem to be making in one area  is invariably sabotaged by the unexpected storms of life in another and we're back to square one.; but our situation does not have to be  hopeless!

Time Tested Results


 Angela's passion is to help each of her clients realize their God-given potential as it relates to their personal health and well-being.  As a professional in the Health and Fitness industry for over 30 years and a follower of Jesus Christ for equally as long, Angela has come to understand what it truly takes to stay emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy.  Christ is our perfect example of someone who modeled this balance even during His most difficult seasons of life.... and we too can become all that we were meant to be!

Meet Your Trainer

Angela Parpan, Owner, C-EP, CSCS

B.S. Information Systems, Elmhurst College 

Certified  Exercise Physiologist ACSM C-EP

 Certified Strength and Cond. Specialist  (CSCS)  

Certified Mat Level 1 Pilates Instructor  

CPR/AED Certified and Insured

30+ years  in the Health and Fitness industry
Owner of Fit For All Seasons, Personal Training since 2001
Owner of Anytime Fitness at Grace Park in Morrisville, NC  since 2010

Strength and Conditioning Coach for Middle School to College level athletes  

Director of Personal Training

Fun Facts:

Married to Tim, my best friend and soul-mate for 37 years

Love to spend time with our adult daughters Morgan and Alexie

Enjoy the challenge of leading small group Bible studies  in our  home 

Thoroughly enjoy singing in the choir at our church and reading great books.